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How does xTimer work?

xTimer uses infrared light just like your TV remote. When the athlete, who is wearing the receiver belt, runs pass the transmitter system is triggered and it measures the time between two or more transmitters or start button plus transmitters.

Where can I see the data?

Data is shown and stored in a mobile App that is available on the Apple App Store. With a few clicks, the coach can export full history and share that with his athletes.

For what sports can I use xTimer?

xTimer is a tool for the coach. It is up to the imagination of the coach in what workouts and sports it can be used. But we have tested it in track and field, downhill MTB, bobsleigh, football, basketball, and Olympic BMX.


What is the precision for xTimer?

We can proudly say that the split times are measured with a precision up to 1/100th of a second and for reaction time precision is 2/100th of a second.


What is the minimum distance between transmitters?

There is no specific distance, but we have made default safe time for our devices which is 0.6 seconds. This means that new measurements can be taken every 0.6 seconds. But this variable can be easily changed through our mobile app settings.

Is there a monthly/yearly fee?

At this moment there are no additional costs for our customers. Every user who has both xTimer before we start the subscription option will have lifetime access to every new feature we develop. But later when we will add additional analytics users will be able to subscribe for additional features.

Do you make purchase orders?

Of course, we want to help athletes to track their progress and no non-credit card purchase can stop us.

What is your return policy?

We offer hassle-free returns – simply return your device within 30 days of receiving it and we will do a 100% refund. Full Shipping and return policy are available here

Do I have to pay any additional customs and tax?

In some countries, there may be additional customs and import tax fees that are specific to that country. In these cases, the additional costs are to be covered by the customer.

How long does the shipping take?

Worldwide shipping with UPS Express Delivery ensures that your xTimer will arrive in 3-5 working days.

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