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Here we have listed only a few setups how xTimer can be used. These are only a handful examples and we know that every coach will come up with a unique way how to measure and improve his athletes performance.

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Flying runs

Place one xTimer transmitter at the start and second at the finish line. You can add as many transmitters along the way as you want to get more split times and read the full sprint story.


3 point start or block start workouts

These kind of runs are all about speed and precision. xTimer will start measuring time right after start button is released in free run mode or "gunshot" in competition mode.

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Get full sprint story with reaction times

Up to 3 athletes can receive the gunshot and measure their reaction times in competition mode.

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100m, 110m hurdles run

We know that rhythm and consistency are key elements when talking about hurdle runs. We also know that before xTimer it was way harder to tell if the rhythm is consistent. Now coach is able to know the exact split time between hurdles.

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Small competition

With xTimer, you can host a small competition for up to 6 athletes. Each athlete must wear our xTimer receiver belt. The starting command is given by the mobile device through the Bluetooth speaker. With a timing error that is smaller than 0.02 seconds. 
False starts won't be measured by the xTimer system so a referee is still necessary.

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400m, 800m, 1200m runs

Place xTimer transmitters every 100 or 50 meters and measure athletes’ endurance in the distance, find weak spots and work to eliminate them.

The data is synced to the phone within a 40m range and coach is able to share split times with the athlete even in the middle of the run.

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Long jump

Measure the last 5, 10 and 20 meters of your athlete’s runway and place xTimer transmitters on the side. You will be able to see a clear connection between running speed and jumped distance.

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Shuttle runs

For team sports where agility is the most important physical skill, xTimer can help to improve athletes speed in any workout, you can imagine.

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When practicing many hours on a single track and playing with different trajectories, you must know if one was better than others. Simply placing a couple of transmitters on the track and one receiver to your bike you will be able to tell.

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Mapping out the track and looking for improvements is a must-have for downhill riders. Place a couple of transmitters on the track to divide it into smaller sections. Later you can analyze on which parts of the distance you can improve.

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