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To make your experience with xTimer way more easier, we have prepared short tutorial videos on how to use xTimer.

How to set up xTimer for the first time

In this tutorial you will find how simple it is to pair your new xTimer kit to the mobile app. Also, this needs to be done only once - before your first workout. After the initial device assigning process is completed the xTimer devices will connect automatically to your mobile device.

How to use xTimer in competition mode

This is the most awesome thing you can do with the xTimer because no other timing device has this or simmilar mode. Use our xTimer app to give starting commands. Paired with our start button, you will be able to measure reaction time between the starting command

How to use xTimer in a middle distance runs

Coach can give starting commands to the athlete through his mobile phone or athlete can start his run freely just 1 meter before the first transmitter and measure his multi lap/plit times. Coach will see the athletes performance in a realtime and can inform the athlete about his pace.

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