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xTimer app provides a great way to store all of your sprint data with a possibility to export a sorted Excel compatible file (CSV) and share the results with your athletes.

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You need to input just couple of things - name of the athlete and workout, and all results will be automatically synchronized between xTimer receiver and app whenever receiver is in 40m range from your mobile device.


A simple design for you to overlook the results in a calendar. The date with any data will be highlighted and will list all the data on a specific date. The total sprint time is visible right there on the list. With just a single click on the specific workout, you will go to a detailed history view with split and lap times.


Personal best

Now it is super simple to see your personal best results in different workouts. No more Excell spreadsheets with many pages of data. The summary is available right here on your phone.

Just go to Settings ► My Athletes ► Select Athlete.

Competition start

If you want your athletes to be prepared for the next race coach them using competition mode. Connect your phone to Bluetooth speaker and give starting commands to you athletes in a manner of "On your marks!", 10 sec delay, "Get set", random delay between 1 and 2 seconds, "Gunshot".


Lap/split time graphs

Simple and easy way to compare your current sprint against your personal best. Just go to History ► Select one of your past workouts ► Tap Show graphs at the bottom of the screen.

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