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The influence of coach Andis Austrups

While developing xTimer, we worked together with the best coach of 2012 according to the European Athletic Association Andis Austrups.

One of the best track and field coaches in Latvia Andis Austrups is a long time friend of our team. During his coaching years Andis has used many timing devices including Brower, Leonardo, and Freelap. However, as per Andis, those systems did not fulfill his needs as a coach. That's why he agreed to consult our team while we were developing a new kind of timing system that would combine the best features of existing systems - compact design, precision and friendly user experience. These were the top priorities pointed out by the coach.

When we built the first prototype and hoped that this product is ready, Andis was just getting started. He was always craving for more. "Can you include the option to give starting commands to the athletes? Can you measure the reaction time of the athlete? Let's build xTimer so that two athletes can run at the same time. Maybe we can even host a small competition using xTimer with 6 athletes?"

Andis was always pushing us to our limits of what we can build. And that pushing kept us going forward, so we're really thankful for that. Today xTimer can measure up to 6 athletes simultaneously, give starting commands and measure reaction time from the starting blocks.

Thank you Andis for your help!

Sincerely, xTimer team.


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