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New mobile app design

Today we are introducing new design of our xTimer App

We are very proud to publish new graphical user interface (UI) of our mobile app. Same as before, the app has a simple design with only the things you need as a coach or athlete.


The most necessary things you need during your workout - athlete name, workout type, split and lap times.

At the bottom of the screen you can see multiple xTimer receivers that are currently active. Using color code assigned to the device, you can easily notice which athlete is wearing particular receiver belt.


We use a simple calendar view with days of your previous workouts highlighted. The athlete's name, workout and total workout time can be found immediately. In order to see full split times of the workout, you just have to select workout from the list.

History detailed view

When opened in the detailed mode, you can see all split and lap times of the workout.

Athletes personal best

Starting from today you can see a summary of your personal best times in each distance. Just go to Settings ► My athlete's ► Select athlete.

Here you will see all of your best results in one place. To see more details, you can select and press on any result in the list.


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