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Built-in help, data backup, and graphs to make your workouts easier.

Built-in help

Don't know what to do next and are on the workout so you have no time to check the user manual? We've got you covered! Each element will be explained so you don't waist time at the stadium.

Data backup

Are you switching phones? Then the backup section will be very useful for you. You can save your history on your Apple cloud from the old phone and later log in to the same Apple ID in your new phone, download the xTimer app and restore the saved data from the cloud backup.

To do this just go to Settings > Additional settings > Training data backup.

Split and lap time graphs

If you are really serious about your performance you would appreciate our new feature - split/lap time graphs.

Now you can compare your current sprint result with your personal best. This is how you will be sure where you lack speed - in the beginning, in the middle, or at the end.

For better analysis you will need more Transmitters, we suggest placing them every 10 meters for full sprint data analysis.


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