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Colors - not just more fun, but also very practical

When a larger group is running and changing xTimer belts (receivers) between athletes you need to know that John gave his receiver to Alice and Kristaps gave his to Peter, in order to store results for each athlete separately. That is why xTimer receivers come in multiple colors. This way it's easy for a coach to keep track of the athletes and receivers they have.

With multiple colors, the coach sees right away that the blue receiver is now worn by Alice, red by Peter, and so on.

The color of the xTimer receiver is represented in the mobile app, so you can match the color with the athlete's name before the sprint more easily.

With multiple colors, workout flow is kept fast also in multi-athlete sprint timing sessions. Have fun and push for your personal best!

* If the same athlete is wearing the receiver throughout the training session coach does not need to change the athlete's name, since the name is already assigned to the receiver.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us


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