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Jānis Leitis about xTimer in long jump and 400m sprints

Jānis Leitis is a Latvian athlete usually competing in 400m and long jump. Leitis is the 2009 European U23 champion in long jump. He is the Latvian national record holder in the 400 m with result of 45.53 s.

And he is also one of our go-to person when talking about how to improve an athletes' performance in the workouts and where xTimer can come handy in this process. So we asked him how he is using xTimer. And here is a professional athlete's tricks and tips.

Long jump

The last 10 m are important, but the most important are the last 5 meters before the fly. Therefore he places 3 xTimer transmitters with 5m distance from each other and is looking if in the last 5 meters athlete do not lose the acceleration. Because the difference can't be seen with a naked eye this kind of electronic measurement system becomes critical.

400m run with 200m splits

For accurate measurements, the first transmitter is placed at the beginning of the 400m line, the second transmitter serves as 200m split time and then the first transmitter serves as a finish line as well for the first lane runner. In this setup, you can keep track of your time along the way as well. It is even better if you can place additional transmitters and get split times at every 100m because then you will see a more detailed sprint story of your athlete. It is very important to know these split times in order to be smart about energy your reserves.

Sincerely, Jānis Leitis

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